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We now have Nolo books available online. If you are looking for information on what to file, how to file, when to file, or a particular issue in your case, Nolo Online is a great place to start.  Click here to log in – Nolo Online will prompt you for a state abbreviation and password.  The state abbreviation is ca, and the password is kern.

Nolo has resources on:

  • Business and Corporations – accounting, audits, buying or selling a business, consulting & contracting, employee rights, human resources, making a profit, nonprofit organizations, ownership structures, sales &
    marketing, starting a business.
  • Divorce and Family – divorce, adoption, child custody, elder care & seniors, family pets, marriage & living together, parenting.
  • Immigration and Travel – fiance & marriage visas, getting a green card, student and tourist visas, U.S. citizenship.
  • Money and Financial Planning – bankruptcy, credit repair & debt, identity theft, life insurance, personal finance, social security & retirement, Taxes.
  • Patents, Copyright, and Trademarks – copyrights, creative arts & music, patents, trademarks, trade secrets.
  • Property and Real Estate – buying a house, foreclosure, homeowners, landlords & property management, renters’ and tenants’ rights, selling a house.
  • Rights and Disputes – criminal law, employee and consumer rights, lawsuit or mediation, personal injury, renters’ and tenants’ rights, represent yourself in court, small claims court, traffic tickets & accident claims.
  • Wills and Estate Planning – estate planning, executors & probate, getting your affairs in order, living trusts, wills & power of attorney

Visit “Collection” page to search the Nolo resources.

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