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Library Services

Library Services


Library staff is available to guide customers to the appropriate materials for obtaining information, and to provide blank forms or general templates that are responsive to customer requests. Staff will assist customers on finding the form they are requesting on the computer, if available or to the appropriate form book for samples.

Staff may provide procedural information and provide only cursory review of any document for general completeness (e.g., verifying the appropriate party has signed their form in the proper places).

Staff may not tell you whether you have a case, tell you how much to sue for, or complete your forms for you.

Two self-service copy machines are available for copies at $.15 per copy.

If you have double sided copies the machine will charge you for each side. The copier accepts bills, change and copy cards.

The law library will provide change for bills up to $20.00. Large bills over $20.00 are not accepted.

Online services

The library also offers various online services for research. Currently we have access to Westlaw and NOLO Online.

A typewriter is available free to all patrons.
Interlibrary loans

When available the staff may be able to acquire material from other libraries. The library charges only the fees charged by the lending library. The fees below are subject to change without notice. Some of the services available from other libraries are as follows:

  • California State Law Library:

    Fax – The library will fax up a limited amount of pages free of charge.

  • Fresno County Law Library:

    Fax – $2.00 for the first page, $1.00 per additional page.
    Photocopies – $ .25 per page.
    Book Loans – Postage.

  • Los Angeles County Law Library:

    Fax – $10.00 transaction charge plus $1.15 per page plus tax and telecommunications charges.
    Photocopies – $5.00 transaction charge plus tax and postage.
    Book Loans – $16.00 for one book, $6.00 for each additional book ordered at the same time. This includes UPS charges.

  • Tulare County Law Library:

    Fax- $1.00 per page.
    Photocopies – $ .25 per page plus postage.
    Book Loans – Postage.

The library offers computers for completing and preparing forms and for performing legal research.
There is no charge to use the computer but prints are $.15 per page. You may also purchase a flash drive for $5.00 dollars.
Fax service
To receive fax copies of materials from the library patrons must provide library staff with a citation to the material needed. The charge to have material faxed is $1.00 for each page.
Patrons may also either send or receive faxes at the library to/from another location. The above charges apply.
MCLE Discs
The library offers various cd’s and dvd’s that can checked out by attorneys.

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