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Supplemental Forms to Simplified Probate Presentation

The informational video on our main page on this topic makes reference to a packet of documents – the contents of that document packet are provided below.

These forms are provided as a courtesy, and you must be sure to confirm the forms are the most recent version available through the Judicial Council websiteCounty Assessor website, or any other source from which these documents are originally retrieved.


Superior Court Filing Fee

If you want to ask the court to waive your Superior Court filing fees for any of the procedures described in the information video, you can use forms FW-001 – Request for Fee Waiver and FW-003- Order on Fee Waiver.



Forms Described in Video

Please note: There is no procedure which will require all of these forms.  This is the complete set given by Ms. Dodds in her video – if the procedures she describes in her video are appropriate for you, you will need some of these documents.

  1. Blank Affidavit – Death of Joint Tenant
  2. Chart of Relationships
  3. Consanguinity chart
  4. CA Intestate Succession Summary
  5. Blank Affidavit – Surviving Spouse or Domestic Partner
  6. Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property Under Probate Code § 13100 – Editable
  7. DE-160 – Inventory and Appraisal partly filled
  8. 7 KERN County Form BOE-502-D for 2021
  9. DE-161 – Inventory and Appraisal Attachment
  10.  DE 305 Affidavit re Real Property of Small Value
  11. Recording Cover Sheet Affidavit Small Value
  12. Preliminary Change of Ownership Report
  13. DE – 310 Petition to Determine Succession to Real Property
  14. DE-120 – Notice of Hearing – Decedent’s Estate or Trust
  16. DE-315 – Order Determining Succession to Real Property (Estates of $166,250 or Less)
  17. Recording Cover Sheet Order Determining
  18. DE-221 – Spousal or Domestic Partner Property Petition
  19. Attachment 7 for Spousal Property Petition
  20. Index To Spousal Property Petition
  21. DE-226 – Spousal or Domestic Partner Property Order
  22. Recording Cover Sheet Spousal Order
  23. DE-131 – Proof of Subscribing Witness
  24. DE-135 – Proof of Holographic Instrument
  25. Assignment of Interest in Estate
  26. KERN County Form BOE-19-G for 2022
  27. KERN County Form BOE-19-P for 2022
  28. KERN County Form BOE-58-AH for 2021
  29. KERN County Form BOE-58-G for 2021
  30. Declaration of Diligent Search and Request to Dispense With Notice
  31. DE-300 – Maximum Values for Small Estate Set-Aside & Disposition of Estate Without Administration


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