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Unlawful Detainer

For the most current news on the subject of how Covid-19 has impacted the subject of Unlawful Detainers, please click here.  This link contains news and information for both landlords and tenants.

If you are in need of information on the subject of Landlord-Tenant issues, including free forms packets, you can visit the Kern County Law Library’s space in order to speak with the staff of the Landlord-Tenant Assistance Center.

You do not have to visit in order to get information – you can always call them at (661) 610-6299 or email them at

What Can LTAC do for Tenants?

While Landlord-Tenant Assistance Center cannot fill out your paperwork for you, they can provide you with a free, premade packet of the necessary forms you need to respond to a lawsuit for Unlawful Detainer (eviction).  They can also provide some general information about the procedures you must follow to participate in your case, and inform you of important deadlines for filing you should keep in mind.

There are packets available in English and Spanish, but please note that all court filings must be in English.

What Can LTAC do for Landlords?

LTAC provides sample Notices, free premade packets to initiate an Unlawful Detainer lawsuit, and general information about the process of evicting a tenant in California.

While LTAC cannot fill out your forms for you, they can provide you with a general description of the process you will need to follow to lawfully evict a tenant.

To be clear: LTAC is not able to provide you with legal advice – only information.

Information packets are provided in English and Spanish, but please note that all filings in the Superior Court must be in English.

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