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Covid-19 has disrupted a great number of processes under the law.  Perhaps nothing has been disrupted quite as much as ordinary rules for Unlawful Detainers.

There are some resources which will be of use to landlords that are ordinarily distributed by the Landlord Tenant Assistance Center (LTAC).  You may reach them by phone at (661) 868-4660, or via email at .  It is in your best interests to seek legal advice from a licensed attorney if you are unclear about how to proceed in your matter.  If you only need up to date information and/or forms, LTAC is a fantastic resource.



If you are a landlord and need to provide a written notice to a tenant, you may review this Information Guide on Notices to Provide Tenants and select which is the appropriate notice for you.

For more forms packets from the LTAC, click here.



For resources for both Landlords and Tenants curated by the State of California, click here

You may wish to review this Judicial Council prepared web page on the subject of unlawful detainers from the perspective of landlords.  It is organized in a systematic way with links to forms you may use.

If you would like access to Westlaw and its collection of Rutter Group Practice Guide materials, particularly on the subject of Landlord-Tenant matters, please contact the Law Library staff for your free license to use Westlaw wherever you have internet access.



If you want to meet with LTAC in person, you should contact them to schedule an appointment.  They can be reached at (661) 868-4660, or via email at

If you do not get through to an LTAC staff member directly, you should leave a message with clear contact communication , a case number if you have one, and you should note if you are the landlord in the case.

LTAC will allow walk-in visits beginning April 4, 2022, Monday through Friday (except court holidays) between 8:30 AM and 11:30 AM.  Walk-ins cannot be seen before or after those hours, and walk-ins will be seen on a first-come first-served basis.



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