Civil Harassment Video Library

Below is a series of videos to help supplement your research on Civil Harassment Restraining Orders (CHROs).

These videos should not be construed as legal advice – they are meant to be information resources for Kern County residents who are gathering information about this process. 

Laws and rules change, so do not treat these videos as the final word on your CHRO.

Please be sure to consult Kern County Local Rules of Court, the California Judicial Branch’s web page on CHROs,  and the State of California’s Legislative Information web page for the most current statements of the rules for you.

If you are looking for any advice on this subject specific to your case, you should consult with an attorney.

Is a Civil Harassment Restraining Order Right for Me?

This video introduces the subject of CHROs.  It covers a few key considerations, including:

  1. When are CHROs appropriate?
  2. What can a CHRO do for me?
  3. What can’t a CHRO do for me?

How Do I Start a CHRO?

CHROs are filed on special forms made by the Judicial Council of the State of California.  You have options for how to prepare your paperwork.

This video will cover:

  1. What information you will need
  2. What forms you will need, and how to fill them out
  3. Where you file your forms once they are complete, and
  4. What to do about the filing fee if you cannot afford to pay it

Form Building Program

LawHelp Interactive is a free program that will help prepare legal paperwork, including for CHROs.  CLICK HERE to access the program.

The video below will show: 

  1. How to create a free account,
  2. How to save your progress, and
  3. How to download your forms to get them printed and ready to file.

I’ve Filled Out My Forms, Now What?

The CHRO process comes in many stages.  Filling out the paperwork is only the first – you will need to file it, have it served, and attend a hearing where you ask the court for a permanent order.

This video will cover:

  1. Where you take your forms once they are complete
  2. What you do with your forms after you file them and get them back from the civil department
  3. What happens next in the process

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