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How to Expunge Your Record

Please note that these instructions are written with the Metropolitan branch of the Superior Court in Bakersfield as its main focus.  If you intend to file your documents in another branch of the Kern County Superior Court, call that branch to learn of the dates and times that are available for misdemeanor and felony hearings. 

Misdemeanor Expungement Instructions may be downloaded here.  Please contact the Law Library if you are having trouble downloading this document.

Felony Expungement Instructions may be downloaded here.

Click here to download the CR-180, and click here to download the CR-181.  When filling out these forms, you may wish to watch this video prepared by the fantastic Sacramento County Public Law Library to assist self-represented parties who wish to petition to have their convictions dismissed.  Please bear in mind that as the video was prepared with Sacramento County in mind, it makes reference to Sacramento County’s website and courthouse.  Please disregard this and focus on the wonderfully informative content that will help you complete your CR-180 and CR-181.

Click here to download a Proof of Service. If you serve your documents via email, you will need a Proof of Service – Electronic.

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