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How to Expunge Your Record

These instructions are written with the Metropolitan branch of the Superior Court in Bakersfield as its main focus.  If you intend to file your documents in another branch of the Kern County Superior Court, call that branch to learn of the dates and times that are available for misdemeanor and felony hearings.

In Bakersfield’s Metro Division and Metro Justice Building, you are able to schedule a hearing both for your 1) petition to expunge your conviction and 2) petition to seal your arrest record at the same time.  You may wish to read the instructions for both sets of documents before you start the process.

Misdemeanor Expungement Instructions may be downloaded here.  Please contact the Law Library if you are having trouble downloading this document.

Felony Expungement Instructions may be downloaded here.

If you have come here to see if this is right for you, our Expungement Slideshow  presentation covers who is eligibile, the benefits of expungement, and the steps to take.

If you already know you want to petition for expungement, check out this shorter slideshow that just covers How to Complete the Process of Expungement

Click here to download the CR-180, and click here to download the CR-181.

To access your case information on the Kern County Superior Court website, you can visit this link and look up your case number and information using your name and birthdate.  This is the website referenced in the Expungement Slideshow above.

Click here to download a Proof of Service. If you serve your documents via email, you will need a Proof of Service – Electronic.

Seal Arrest and Related Records

If you have already completed the process of expungement, or you have been arrested but your arrest did not result in a conviction, you may also want to petition the court to seal the arrest and related records.

You may download instructions for that process here.

Here are the instructions if you are looking to Seal and Destroy Arrest Record – Misdemeanor

Here are the instructions if you are looking to Seal and Destroy Arrest Record – Felony

You have a choice of forms to use when you petition to have your arrest record sealed.

You may use the Judicial Council Petition and Order, or you may use the Kern County Local Petition and Order.  Feel free to review both sets of documents and decide which works best for you.  You can use the same Proofs of Service linked above in the section on Expungement.


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