Expungement Video Library

Below is a series of videos to help supplement your research on the expungement process.  We go over the definition and benefits of expungement, what makes one eligible, how to fill out the forms, and then how to serve and file your paperwork.

These videos should not be construed as legal advice – they are meant to be information resources for Kern County residents who are beginning to gather information about this process.

If you are looking for any advice on this subject specific to your case, you should consult with an attorney.

What is Expungement?

This video introduces the subject of Petitions for Dismissal, where you can request that the court dismiss old convictions from your record.  

How Do I Get a Copy of My Complete Record?

Before you begin the process, it is a great idea to search for your full record, for several reasons.

Often, many years elapse between the time someone is convicted and they decide to clear their records.  Your RAP sheet compiles your full criminal history, which means that you should have a list of every arrest and conviction that is tied to your record.

This will help make sure you are:

1) Aware of all of your Kern County cases,

2) Aware of cases outside of Kern County, and

3) Able to address them appropriately.

Am I Eligible?

This video explains who is eligible for expungement in California.  As always, if you are still uncertain after you watch the presentation, you should continue your research on the subject, or consult with an attorney for guidance on your case.

How Do I Fill Out The Forms?

This video tells Kern County residents where they can find information they will need to fill out their paperwork, and how to complete their forms.

Bear in mind that the Kern County Superior Court features disclaimers when you use its search functions, and you should read them in full before you rely on the search results.

How Do I Serve And File My Forms?

The law requires you to inform the District Attorney and Probation Department about your request that the court dismiss your old conviction(s).  This video explains how to have your paperwork served, and shows you where to get information about filing.

Keep in mind that this video was prepared during the Covid-19 pandemic.  You can (and should) contact the clerks of the Superior Court of Kern County at the courthouse where you will be filing your paperwork to get up to date information about your options for filing. 

In particular, this video mentions the ability to file paperwork with the criminal departments in Kern County by email and fax – these are almost certainly temporary policies to accommodate for limited court access during the pandemic.  We will do our best to keep our content up to date, but it is up to you to confirm details about what options are available for filing your paperwork.

But I Still Have Questions…

Often, people still have some questions about the process, even after reviewing the content in the videos above.

We took some of the most commonly asked questions and included them in the brief video below.  

Didn’t see your question answered here?  Let us know by phone or by email.

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