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AB 1950 – Requesting Early Termination of Probation

Assembly Bill 1950 created statutory caps on the length of probation periods for misdemeanors at one year, except as specified, and felonies at two years, except as specified.  With certain exceptions, you may be eligible to have your probation ended ahead of its scheduled date of completion.  You may click here to access the full text of the bill.  You should do this to make sure the offense for which you were convicted is not part of the list of convictions for which the new rule does not apply.

Please note that these instructions are written with the Metropolitan branch of the Superior Court in Bakersfield as its main focus.  If you intend to file your documents in another branch of the Kern County Superior Court, call that branch to learn of the dates and times that are available for misdemeanor and felony hearings.

Please note as well before you start reading the instructions that you may be able to schedule a hearing for your 1) Petition to Terminate Probation, 2) Petition to Dismiss (expunge) your conviction and 3) Petition to seal your arrest record at the same time.  You may wish to read the set of instructions for both processes on this page before you start the process.

An informational guide on Termination of Probation Under AB 1950 may be downloaded here.  Please contact the Law Library if you are having trouble downloading this document.  This link contains information on the process for petitioning for termination of probation under AB 1950.

Click here to download the AB 1950 Misdemeanor Petition, and click here to download the AB 1950 Felony Petition.

Click here to download a Proof of Service. If you serve your documents via email, you will need a Proof of Service – Electronic.

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