2. ApprovalofMinutes
Request Approval of Minutes from February 4, 2020 Kern County Law Library Board Meeting: APPROVE
3. KernCountyLawLibraryFinancialStatementforFebruary2020:
Present Profit and Loss Statement; DISCUSS; APPROVE
4. MOU with Court for Administration of the Law Library
Presentation of Proposed MOU: DISCUSS; APPROVE
5. BarAssociationLiaisonReport
6. ReportoftheLawLibrarian:
7. PublicPresentations
This portion of the meeting is reserved for persons desiring to address the Board on any matter not on this agenda and over which the Board has jurisdiction. Speakers are limited to two minutes. Please state your name and address for recording before beginning.
8. BoardMemberItems
This portion of the meeting is reserved for Board Members to present to other Board Members and to the public information, announcements, and items that have come to their attention. No formal action by the Board will be taken. A Board member may request that the President calendar an item for consideration at a future meeting. (Govt. Code, § 54954.2 (a).)
9. NextRegularMeeting
The next regular meeting scheduled for April 7, 2020
10. Adjourn