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The Kern County Law Library exists to provide the attorneys and residents of Kern County with free access to legal information services which will further the goal of equal access to justice in our community. The Law Library Director plans, directs and participates in the operation of the County Law Library in accordance with policies adopted by the Law Library Board of Trustees 

DAILY DUTIES may include, but are not necessarily limited to: 

Provide reference service to customers including selection of books and electronic resources as well as explanations of text and computer access to research and training materials. 

Personal interaction with law library customers, as well as supervising the Library staff, in providing assistance and procedural information, by locating appropriate instructional material, forms and samples, and by helping customers to input their information in the appropriate forms or formats in conformity with state and local court procedures. 

Monitor use of all library resources and maintain security of the same. 

Maintain the library collection by seeing that books and other legal materials are current, properly classified, and that necessary repair work is completed. Supervise daily cleaning of work surfaces and computer equipment. 


Direct the selection, training, assignment, performance evaluation, discipline and promotion of the library staff, currently consisting of four staff members. 

Prepare the budget and financial statements including inventory records. 

Supervise the expenditure of funds, including preparation of warrants, and keep all records including personnel, payroll related data, accounts payable and ledgers. 

Prepare the annual report as required in Business and Professions Code Section 6349 and any other reports of interest to or as requested by the Board of Trustees. 

Serve as Secretary to the Law Library Board of Trustees and all standing or special committees of the Board. 

Recommend to the Board of Trustees proposals for modifying, improving and expanding library services. 

Supervise the periodic updating of all Kern County Court chambers’ libraries. 

Initiate and facilitate the development of topical workshops and clinics led by local attorneys and coordinate with the Kern County Bar Association in efforts to increase access to justice. 

Coordinate and collaborate with the Self Help Center and Family Law Facilitator on providing programs and services for self-represented litigants. 

Develop working relationships with the Court clerks and supervisors so that procedural information given to the public is in conformity with court procedures and requirements. 

Supervise the Library’s web page maintenance and development. 

Community outreach, including the planning and organizing of the annual Law Day program, participation in the Lerdo outreach program, and participation in various community events such as Veteran’s Stand Down. 

Act as liaison to the Kern County Public Libraries, particularly in order to develop avenues to provide Law Library services to Kern County communities outside of Bakersfield. Supervise the Law Library video feed program with the Public Libraries and the Employers Training Resource, and work with Public librarians to increase access to legal information for their customers. 

Participate in the activities of professional library organizations including attendance of meetings or seminars held in the furtherance of continuing education and in support of the operation of the law library. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS 

Education/Experience – Sufficient to demonstrate competency in the knowledge and skills specified and acceptable to the Board of Law Library Trustees. This may be obtained by: 

JD, college degree or paralegal training and/or certification
Experience in working with the public and a passion for public service 

Knowledge and Familiarity with: 

Legal resource materials and documents; basic legal terminology, general practices, procedures and jurisdictions of State and Federal courts. 

Some of the areas of law which are most used by Law Library customers, which include domestic violence, conservatorships and guardianships, criminal, landlord/tenant actions; general civil litigation, real property, decedent’s estates, worker’s compensation, employment law, family law, and estate planning. 

Public relations principles and practices
Principles and techniques of administration and personnel management 

Computers, their operations and applicable software, including legal research applications, Excel and Word or comparable programs 

Basic bookkeeping skills 

Ability to: 

Create a welcoming tone and atmosphere which will encourage the public to utilize the Law Library’s resources 

Speak and write effectively; analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action. 

Anticipate and recommend needed change 

Plan creatively to expand the ability of the Law Library to meet the ever-growing public need for more legal resources and information Remain patient and calm when dealing with customers who can be agitated, anxious, or emotionally upset 

Willingness to:
Work overtime and evenings; travel; attend meetings and training sessions.