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Kern County Law Library

Comprehensive Legal Sites

  • All Law

    A gateway site to legal resources on the internet.

  • FindLaw

    Offers both Federal & State cases and codes. A list of government agency web pages, along with legal dictionaries, directories, and lots of other legal information.


    JURIST law is a comprehensive site designed for people who want to learn, research, or teach legal subjects. It guides you to places where more information can be found, either in print or on the web, regarding a particular legal subject.

  • LLRX Research Guide

    A comprehensive research guide which can be searched full-text or browsed by subject. Includes profiles on various state's laws, court systems and how to find just about anything you are looking for. A good place to start if you are having trouble finding the information on a specific topic.

  • Legal Research Tool

    Allows you to choose from over 500 legal search engines. Good list of databases to search.

  • Legal Information Institute Cornell's

    A comprehensive legal site with links to information by topic or jurisdiction.

  • WashLaw WEB

    Comprehensive list of web sites by category. Including International law.