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California Codes  U.S. Supreme Court Cases
California Rules of Court Federal Cases
United States Code ALR
California Cases Am Jur 2d
Cases & Codes for all 50 states  Rutter Group Practice Guides
Authority: Matthew Bender's California Library including:                   
California Forms of Pleading and Practice California Criminal Defense
California Legal Forms California Family Law Practice
California Real Estate
California Will and Trusts
California Employment Law California Environmental Law

Shepard's, Codes & Cases for all 50 states, federal cases & codes, and California law reviews.  
Self-help Books:   
How to Do Your Own Divorce How to Adopt Your Step Child
How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation Fight Your Ticket
California Power of Attorney Handbook How to Make a CA Will
How to File Your Own Bankruptcy Landlord's Rights & Duties in CA
Neighbor vs. Neighbor Social Security Benefits Handbook
How to Seal Your Juvenile & Criminal Record CA Landlord's Law Book - Evictions
Represent Yourself in Court How to Probate an Estate
Guardianship Book Conservatorship Book
Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court  

Other Books:
Blacks Law Dictionary California rules of Court State & Federal
Bieber's Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations 

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