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You can sign up for most workshops online at by selecting "family law workshops" under the "online services" tab at the center of the page. This page will show all available workshops. Sign up early and make sure you arrive on time. Walk-ins may take available spaces once the class begins. You can also sign up by calling the law library at (661)868-5320

GBLA Workshop Schedule

Check back for information regarding our upcoming workshops

 call for more information (661)868-5320

Lake Isabella:

The 3rd Wednesday of every month from 1:30-3:00 at the Family Resource Center:

5109 Lake Isabella Blvd.
Lake Isabella, Ca 93240

Video conferencing will be available with representatives from the Kern County Law Library and the Family Law Facilitators to answers your questions on everything from civil matters to family law.  The representatives can offer no legal advice, so questions should be limited to process and procedure

Nolo Resources

State Prisoner Library Requests

There is also a great deal of information available here:

Forms Available

Currently, many of the forms are available on the California Courts "Forms" page: Judicial Council Forms

Expunging a criminal case means requesting to have it marked as dismissed. The general requirements for expungement are: you must be off probation or if you were not on probation, it needs to have been at least a year since your sentencing. There is no fee to file for expungement, but there may be a fine at the time of the hearing (up to $150 per case). If you cannot afford this, you need to tell the judge during the hearing when he gives you the amount.


More forms coming soon


Nolo Books

We now have Nolo books available online.    If you are looking for information on what to file, how to file, when to file, or a particular issue in your case, Nolo Online is a great place to start. 

Nolo has resources on:

Business and Corporations- accounting, audits, buying or selling a business, consulting & contracting, employee rights, human resources, making a profit, nonprofit organizations, ownership structures, sales & marketing, starting a business

Divorce and Family- divorce, adoption, child custody, elder care & seniors, family pets, marriage & living together, parenting

Immigration and Travel- fiance & marriage visas, getting a green card, student and tourist visas, U.S. citizenship

Money and Financial Planning- bankruptcy, credit repair & debt, identity theft, life insurance, personal fin

State Prisoner Library Requests

The following organizations help inmates/prisoners with their library requests:

Principal Librarian

Department of Corrections

Library Services Education and Inmate Programs Unit

P.O. Box 942883-0001

1515 S Street


Community Legal Information Center (CLIC)

Penal Law Project

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